Typography addict? iPhone addict?

March 2nd, 2009 by admin

Then have I got news for you! I just learned from one of my favorite sources that iPhone has typography-related applications! Which is just the kind of news I need to hear after a weekend of all work and no play. I encourage you to check them out, as I will be doing very soon.


1. The first application is What the Font. You take a picture of some type on something, and the application can recognize it for you! It sounds fantastic, and it’s free!

2. The next application is from FontShop, if you’re a designer I’m sure you’ve heard of them. Their application is called FontShuffle and is also free. It allows you to search for fonts just like you would on their website, like a type catalogue in your pocket.

3. And yet another application (only $0.99, but it sounds so much fun that I know I will cave and buy it) is called Kern and you supposedly play with letter spacing. For a designer, it sounds like fun because bad kerning can equal bad things!

4. And finally, rather than an application for the iPhone, there are some lovely typography based wallpapers here


For screen shots and more in-depth analysis of all these things, please visit the original post where I learned my information. 


That’s all for now! Back to work!

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